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Do you have some doubts? Are you not sure how to proceed? Would you like to ask me for an advice on something specific?

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First please, take a look at the frequently asked questions asked by other customers, if you do not find the right answer for you problem, contact us, we will reply within 24 hours.
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If the questions suggested here, you cannot find the answer you are looking for, click below and write us what you would like to know:

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1.1. Is it possible to apply a personalized melody in you music box?

It is only possible to choose the melody from our Playlist, which can be consulted by clicking here. All the melodies present here can be applied to all our articles. Other melodies are not available.

The only way to make a melody not included in our playlist is by applying it to these 2 music boxes:

1.2. Is it possible to make a jewelry box with melody and image of my choice?

Yes, we can make a personalized jewelry box for you, choosing the model you like best (to view our jewelry click here.) The melody can be chosen from our Playlist, to listen our melodies please click here. If it is a gift, one piece only, it will be made in maximum 5 working days, from the date of payment confirmation. If you want to order more pieces, as favors, the timing must to be evaluated with the customer. In this case we recommend to choose 2 or 3 different melodies, to be sure that we have all music box mechanism necessary for your order.

1.3. It is possible to buy a jewelry box in rough wood, to be decorated by myself?

Yes, if you want the music box without any image, to decorate it later by yourself, it is necessary to tell us what kind of decoration you would like to do.
We need to know this detail to be sure how to finish the box, before to deliver it to you.


1.4. Is it possible to create a personalized music box, invented by myself?

To answer to this question is necessary that you send us an email (info@lagattacarillon.it), explaining your idea. We cal consider and analyze you request and let you know. 



2.1. Is it possible to repair a music box with a broken mechanisms, even if they have not been produced by La Gatta? What is the cost?

To answer to your question it is necessary to evaluate case by case. We repair music box with broken or defective mechanisms, replacing the mechanism with a new one. This is possible only if the movement is similar to ours. For this it is always necessary to send us an email (info@lagattacarillon.it) with a pictures or a video of the broken music box. The price of the reparation it will depend of the reparation to do, from € 8,00 to € 17,00.

2.2. If it's possible to replace the music box mechanism, with a new one, what could be the drawbacks?

If it is not possible to come to our laboratory to bring us the broken music box, it will be necessary to ship it and there is the risk that, if not properly packed, it can get ruined.

That's why we advise our customers to repair the music box at home, by yourself, just buy the new mechanism in our online store (by clicking here), supported by our telephone suggestion. In this way you would also save time and money with the various shipments back and forth.



3.1. How long does it take for the purchased item to arrive to me?

If the item is available in our warehouse, it is possible to leave it within 48 hours from the payment. If we need to create it, we reserve 4-5 working days. Finally, if some customize are requested (a name or dedication, changing the melody ...) the timing is to be evaluated, based on the request.

If you need to receive the item urgently, you can check availability writing an  e-mail  to info@lagattacarillon.it or calling us at +39 0735 85433 from 9:30 to 12:30 and from 15:30 to 19:30.

3.2. How will the purchased item arrive at my house? Will it be well packaged and protected?

Each item is placed in a gift box, with assembly instructions and warranty. You will also receive a gift card and a gift bow. Everything will be placed in a slightly larger box, for greater safety and protection of the whole. It will be on this second box that we will apply the address and all the data for the shipment.

It has never happened, if not very rare cases, that the items arrive at the destination broken, because, after more than 30 years of experience, we know how to best pack our items.

3.3. If I want to send a music box to a person who lives far away, as gift, is it possible to send my purchase directly to the recipient's home?

Yes of course. In the various steps of the order confirmation, will be asked you to enter the address and billing and shipping data. If you want to send the gift to a third person, simply enter the third person details, complete address and phone number, in the appropriate fields, in fact, to the shipping address!



4.1. Is it possible to select the music box based on the melody?

Of course, you can choose a melody, after checking in our playlist that is available, and check on which articles is mounted by defult.

Above the main menu, there is the SEARCH rectangle, here you have the possibility to do a very detailed search. If you insert the required melody in its space (one at a time) the list of all the music boxes that have that particular melody will appear.

Remember that, if there is an article that you like particularly, but you are not satisfied with the melody mounted, you can request to replace it, choosing the one you like more. The melodies must always be chosen from our Playlist, which you can find by clicking here.

4.2. Is it possible to have a catalog in pdf format for an offline consultation?

It is possible to download the online catalog here.

4.3. The articles of objects (photo frames, placemarks ...) are present on Facebook and Instagram pages of your laboratory, but are not present in this online shop. Can they be purchased online somehow?

All the objects, as well as lamps, frames and other items on our social pages are available.
Simply send a request via email to info@lagattacarillon.it, indicating the desired item.
You will receive a confirmation from us within 1 business day, which will show you how to proceed.
Once you have agreed with us, you can make the payment with the same methods available in our online shop:

  • Payment with Paypal (Credit Card)



5.1. Is it possible to request to a authorized reseller close to my town, an item, if it is not available already by his shop?

Certainly. Our dealers obviously have only a small part of our collections (which include more than 300 different music boxes). It is therefore possible to request an item from the store that is not physically present at the point of sale.

All our dealers are equipped with an update paper catalog, which we provide personally, and which you can consult to decide on the best gift or wedding favor for your occasion. After choosing, it will be the same shopkeeper to contact us and tell us the order.

In maximum 10 working days the item will be delivered to the store and you can withdraw it comfortably close to home, without having to pay any shipping costs.