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Music boxes for sale

La Gatta Carillon produces over 300 different models of music boxes, from the most classic to the most original and curious.

Discover all the types of music boxes that are on sale on our site. There are models for all tastes and for all needs!

Music boxes for sale 


  • Baby Music Box

    The primary purpose of the baby music box is to reproduce sweet melodies that can attract and enchant the newborns.

    The sweetest and most relaxing melodies are particularly suitable for sleeping. Another reassuring element is the rotary movement repeated regularly.

    The melodies are chosen artfully: lullabies to sleep the newborns, minuets to enchant them and marches to amuse them.

    These baby music boxes are great gift ideas for a birth, baptism, Christening or first birthday!

    Our baby music boxes will leave both children and their parents enchanted, seeing is believing!

  • Music box for Children

    The most part of our production of music boxes addresses the world of children, imagining for a moment that every dream or fantasy is realized and become reality.

    So you can think and play fairy tales, or fly to reach moon, stars and suns.

    Sometimes are the clouds that drive our children and twirl happily over colorful cities and countryside.

    Funfair and playgrounds are the ideal settings for our music boxes for children, where carousels, panoramic wheels, swings and springs reproduce a world of ideal and unforgettable fun.

    Here you can find a lot of different kids music boxes models, with different style different materials.. We are sure you can find the perfect one for you occasion.

  • Ballerina Musical Box
  • Other dances

    Someone said "Every man would like to dance, for life..."

    And we can only agree..

    There are those who love the Waltz, some the Tango, some Rock n' Roll.. dance reflects your personality, your emotions.. and there really is something for all tastes.

    In this section we are trying to represent all the most popular and loved types to give each of you the opportunity to find yourself in our music boxes..

  • Carousel Music Box
  • Horses Music Box

    Music box with one or more horses, that turn accompanied by romantic and traditional melodies.

    A special detail with a classic taste, the horse music box, made of wood or ceramic, is a recurring element in the history of La Gatta, capable of exciting and captivating young and old alike.

    The most classic rides with horses will bring you back in a moment in the past, allowing you to experience the joyful atmosphere of a day at the Luna Park.

    Here you can find horse carousel musical box, musical horses for baby and child.

    Wonderful horse music box for children or collectible horse music box.

  • Wooden Music box

    Wood has the right characteristics to be a protagonist in our wooden music box.

    The wood allows us to design simple but also complex shapes, recreating above excellent harmonic boxes and also structures able to reproduce particular movements: such as panoramic wheels, swings and large carousels.

    Our wooden music boxes can be decorated by hand with water colors and then impregnated with essential oils, to enhance their tones and protect them from moisture and dust; or can be covered with very fine papers with our drawings, and glued with particular decoupages techniques.

    Last but not least the lacquer rubber finish, where special natural resins, diluted in alcohol, are laid with different buffer steps.

    Here you can find beautiful collectible music box, or music box for Children.

    There are many baby music box that would be great for your favors, like wedding music box favors or baby shower music box favors or music box baby favors.

  • Collectible Music Box

    Some of our collections of musical box have been designed for a demanding public, who love detail and particular workmanship: we are talking about a meticulous design, in the ceramic volumes and in the architecture of the wooden structures.

    So for the collectible music boxes of the "Lo Schiaccianoci" or for the "Musicians" quartet; the world of theater has been faced with the "Comedy of art" and with "Pulcinella".

    The last collections have been dedicated more attention: see the pavilion rides and the panoramic wheels of the "Belle Epoque" and "Old Circus" lines.

    Antique colors and wooden detailed structure are the icing on these collectible musical box.


    In this Category you can find all or romantic music box and lover music box.

    Here you can find music boxes for lovers, music boxes for wedding and they are great gift ideas for anniversarymusic box for Valentine's Day or simply for a romantic birthday.

    We remind you that all our collectible music boxes can be personalized with a dedication, with a melody of your choice and with special modifications, according to your needs. Just contact us for more information.

    For your sweetheart lover choose a customizable music box. You can create you perfect gift with our custom personalized music box.

  • Lullaby Music Box

    In our baby music boxes we often use melodies with lullabies: Brahms, Schubert and Mozart our favorite authors.

    Our wall-hanging lullaby music boxes , which are simply hooked to a nail or a screw, are activated by pulling down the cord, that allows it to be charged. Beautiful wall decors, sure to tickle the fancy of children of all ages.

    Some Lullabies are mounted on particular carillon: the light music box, which manage to project on the walls of the small room charming luminous shapes that turn gently. A charm!

    Out lullaby music box can be custom with a dedication, they are handmade, made in Italy.

  • Musical Jewellery Box

    Our Musical Jewellery Box are made by beech wood and the music box mechanisms are appropriately housed and hidden by dividers and various subfloors.

    They are loaded by turning small keys in the bottom and sounding by raising the lid.

    There are also special music box mechanisms, equipped with special magnetic arms, that allow small objects to mysteriously rotate on mirror surfaces.

    The Musical Jewellery Box that we offer are available in various sizes and models: we have traditional ballerina jewellery box, girls jewellery box, kids jewellery box for children...

    You can also personalize and custom your musical jewellery box with a special image, a dedication or the tone that you like more!

    We can create a photo music box, customize with you prefer image or picture.

  • Lamp Music box, light...

    Our light music boxes combine the sound emotion of the melody with the visual emotion of light and shadows cast in the surrounding environment.

    They are lamp music box or night light music box, suitable for both adults and children, which act as both a furnishing accessory and an abat-jour or night light, to keep the little ones company at night.

    Our collectible light musical box can be custom with you prefer melody and a dedication, you can have a great personalized gift, for any occasion.

  • Christmas Music box

    Here you can find a wonderful collection of Christmas music box. The designs of our Santa Clauses music box is actually many years old, but they are still beautiful and characterize this wonderful category: now it is completed with games and children around a classic Christmas tree music box.

    Soon new elements will come to enrich the collection, so as to make special the most important and exciting period of the year, Christmas.

  • Favors Music box

    Births, baptisms, first communions, weddings, golden wedding, silver wedding, anniversaries ...

    There is a music box favor for every occasion and favors can be custom and personalized with photos, names and dedications on request.

    And with each wedding favor, baptism favor, first communion favors or baby shower favor, you can combine the melody you like most, among our catalog.

    Your ceremonies will be accompanied by the music of your desires.

  • Custom Personalized...

    The importance of a personalized custom music boxes lies in that small detail that you can decide to add, to make your gift unique and unforgettable!

    La Gatta gives you the opportunity to create your custom music box, where you can add a dedication, a message or even an image dear to you, as in the case of musical jewelry boxes where you can add a custom photo.

    You can also choose the melody you like best, from an extensive list in our catalog.

    What are you waiting for? Choose your music box and customize it as you like.


    Check out our music boxes on sale.

    In a manufactured laboratory, like ours, research and experimentation are a must..

    So that within a year we can produce music boxes with unique colors and materials, that for some reasons will not included in the final catalog.

    They are almost always unique pieces, for aesthetic or finishing solution, and they rapresent the deepest soul of creating.

    At other times some lines are disassembled and the last pieces of stock are put on the market on sale.