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Each music box is handmade and hand-painted in Italy by Sabatino, his wife Catia, and their sun Virginia and Leonardo. Through these music boxes, They tell the story of their lives: from the birth of their children to the beautiful places they have seen - real or imaginary - and the wonderful memories they have created together.
Music boxes are full of history, and their beautiful music and movements are sure to fascinate. But most of all, music boxes can elicit joy in adults and children alike, evoke wonderful childhood memories, and fill one's heart with innocence and nostalgia. Sabatino and his family invite you to a "daily dance" with their music boxes ... and hop on the carousel of life!


"The idea was born in 1983 in Padua (Italy), when we were still students of Architecture, me and my future wife Catia began to shape and decorate the first ceramic objects, pursuing a certain economic independence; later, however, now graduates, the need has turned into passion and that work, extraordinarily invented, in a wonderful adventure.

With our creations we wanted to tell life:

  • the birth of children;
  • their discoveries;
  • the amusements had together;
  • trips to beautiful places, real or imaginary.

La gatta carillon

Sometimes we have also drawn from memories, other times from dreams..

Sometimes our children gave us a new sense of production: this enchanted world where everything is possible has given us new inspiration for new carillons ... 

A toy, a device that reproduces movement and melody, that transforms into magic every figure or character in miniature ... the music box, that seemed something forgotten and overcome by so much technology, has overwhelmed and conquered everything.

Year after year the production of La Gatta has been enriched with new and incredible collections, remaining however linked to an original and unmistakable design; the production is deliberately limited and each item is handcrafted with artisanal and hand-made care.

All the artifacts are signed and numbered, so that to call them "unique pieces" is not heresy.

Virginia and Leonardo, who since childhood have played with brushes and clay on the many tables of the laboratory, have grown and, through various studies, today are fully part of the La Gatta staff, thus bringing new creativity and essential technological skills.

Sabatino Polce


Sabatino Tino Polce

Sabatino Polce

plannig manager,

editing and artistic director

Facebook: Sabatino Polce

Catia Gambetta

Catia Gambetta

decoration and photography manager

Facebook: Catia Gambetta

Lenny Polce

Leonardo Polce 

molding and graphic design manager,

video maker

Facebook: Leonardo Polce

Virginia Polce

Virginia Polce

marketing, commercial, administrative manager

Facebook: Virginia Polce

Facebook: La Gatta  - Virginia